Med Vault: Ensuring Security & Privacy for Medical Data

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The MedVault project is developing new techniques for the storage, maintenance, and control of electronic medical record (EMR) data that permit open sharing among a wide variety of legitimate users while protecting the data against unauthorized use and disclosure. Georgia Tech is working with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to explore the key requirements and constraints of EMR sharing and to ensure that approaches developed in the project can be integrated into the health IT systems of the future. The project carries out both fundamental disciplinary research in data security and privacy, and research on applications to health information sharing. The disciplinary research has two major thrusts:attribute-based approaches to identity and access management, and privacy-conscious data sharing. See the research artifacts link for more information on this research. The primary applications currently being developed are a privacy-conscious, source-verifiable personal health record service, and an attribute-based system for emergency responders' access to health records system. Look for more information on these applications soon on this site.


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